Governance of ICDA

Governance of ICDA

General Body (GB), Executive Committee (EC) And Management: Any Adult Citizen Of Bangladesh Engaged In Any Profession And With Initiative And Enthusiasm For Social Welfare Is Eligible To Become A Member Of ICDA General Body (GB). General Body Members Elect An Executive Committee (EC) Consisting Seven Members For Three Years Period In Accordance With Procedures Specified In The Constitution.

EC Formulates Policies And Guidelines By The Approval Of GB To The Management And Appoints The Executive Director Who Has The Power To Approve And Execute All Programs And Project Policies, Activities And Budgets. The EC Nominates An Appointment Committee Who Takes Initiatives For Selection Of The Other Staffs Of ICDA.

ICDA Has A General Body Consisting 27 Members. President Is The Chairperson Of The EC Of ICDA. EC Has Necessary Skills To Assist The Management. It Meets At Least Six Times In A Year. In Case Of Emergencies, It May, However, Meet Anytime To Cope With The Situation.

Functions Of GB, EC And Program Management Committee (PMC):

The General Body (GB) Elects Executive Committee (EC). The Chairperson Of EC Who Is The President, Appoints The Executive Director (ED) Of ICDA. The ED Chooses The Members Of Program Implementation Committee (PMC). PMC Manages Program Implementation Committee (PIC) & Branch Management Committee (BMC).

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